Visual collaboration for software teams.

More than a whiteboard, Theta makes visual collaboration and documentation for software projects easy.




visual workspace for software teams

Your go-to space to plan, document, and jam on ideas.

Building software is hard. There's a million moving pieces and everything is connected. Theta helps you map out your problems, diagram your solutions, and document how things work so everyone is on the same page.

Speed first

100ms interactions and instant loading of visual spaces.

Infinite canvas

An infinite canvas to collaborate, plan, and solve your team's toughest problems.

Keyboard shortcuts included

Move fast with keyboard shortcuts for all key actions.

Markdown everywhere

Use markdown shortcuts or copy & paste markdown anywhere you write text.

Built for builders

6k+ icons and custom elements for software work.

First-class async workflows

Structured reviews of diagrams with a Github pull request style interface

Connect everything with References

Reference ideas from other spaces and see how your team's work is connected. Stop recreating core parts of your diagrams. Show as little or as much of the reference as you need.

Inbox user interface
comments and cursors

Build together

Jump in and collaborate live in seconds. See your collaborators’ cursors and edit diagrams and content together.

Streamlined async workflows

Submit structured reviews of work rather than leaving a mess of hard to follow comments everywhere.

Inbox user interface
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